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Bloody reasons stuart g yates

Check out my latest audiobook production as we follow Gus Ritter on his quest for justice in this Wild Western thriller.

In this commercial for HARLEQUIN books, I was cast as the Viking ERIK!

This will be my second time participating in BIKE MS.  I ride in honor of my Uncle Vinny who sadly passed away this year. Please click on the link and donate to my race this upcoming October 2019. 

My first Audiobook production of 2019. 5 Ingredients Ketosis Diet plans is full of great recipes for those who are looking for a little inspiration when undergoing a ketogenic diet. 

A small role I played on Street Justice- The Bronx. Season one, episode one. My character was a criminal from the 70s who robbed a grocery store and attempted to evade capture by the police. It was a great day on set!

Russian Games; my first audiobook produced alongside author Bruce Savage is available for sale on Amazon, Audilble, and iTunes!