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The Beard Struggle has the best products for any bearded brother! Beard oil, balms, wash, conditioner, a collection of combs, brushes and shave tools, plus more! Use my Brand Viking discount code DANNYF15 and you'll receive 15% off this amazing brand!

Super excited to be apart of Team Kaged!

I have been using Kaged Muscle Supplements since the company was founded and I fully support and stand behind this brand. Click the image to visit and be sure to use my discount code DANNYF15 and you'll recieve 15% off your order!

My next book is here! I wrote Hit the Trails to share my love for the obstacle course racing community and to guide first timers through the entire process. I'll talk about what to expect, what gear to invest in, and I've included training techniques and sample workouts to get you guys on the course!

I wrote my first book! With great success following a Ketogenic diet, plus my years of experience in the health and fitness realm I decided to share my knowledge on a much larger scale. Click the image to purchase your copy today!

I return to play Erik the Viking in a new Harlequin books commercial!

Here is a short promo I filmed to promote The Rose Room located in the Garden City Hotel. Directed by Gregg Brennan. 

In this commercial for HARLEQUIN books, I was cast as the Viking ERIK!

A small role I played on Street Justice- The Bronx. Season one, episode one. My character was a criminal from the 70s who robbed a grocery store and attempted to evade capture by the police. It was a great day on set!

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