I wrote my first book! With great success following a Ketogenic diet, plus my years of experience in the health and fitness realm I decided to share my knowledge on a much larger scale. Click the image to purchase your copy today!

I return to play Erik the Viking in a new Harlequin books commercial!

October 2020 I participated in Bike MS Inside Out, in memory of my uncle Vinny. Thanks so much to everyone who helped me raise over $1000. 

Here is a short promo I filmed to promote The Rose Room located in the Garden City Hotel. Directed by Gregg Brennan. 

In this commercial for HARLEQUIN books, I was cast as the Viking ERIK!

A small role I played on Street Justice- The Bronx. Season one, episode one. My character was a criminal from the 70s who robbed a grocery store and attempted to evade capture by the police. It was a great day on set!

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