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The Honeymoon Phase (2018)

Role: The Captain
Director: Phillip G. Carroll
The Truth about Lies (2015)
Role: Gym Patron
Director: Phil Allocco
Dusk: A Twilight Mockumentary (2013)
Role: Vampire #1
Director: Mark Abramowitz
Street Justice- The Bronx (2017)

"Bullet with my Name on it" (Season 1 Episode 1)
Role: Robber #2
Production: Jupiter Entertainment 
My Dirty Little Secret (2014)
"Soccer Mom Secrets" (Season 2 Episode 4)

Role: Biker
Production: Red Marble Media

Voice Over
Hit the Trails: A Beginners Guide to Obstacle Course Racing (2021)
Narrator: Danny Fakih
Author: Danny Fakih

Cavapoos for Total Beginners (2021)
Narrator: Danny Fakih
Author: Mildred Joel

Divorcing Children: Children's Experience of Their Parents' Divorce (2021)
Narrator: Danny Fakih
Authors: Leslie Scanlan, Ian Butler, Mervyn Murch, Gillian Douglas, Maraget G Robinson

From the Hood to Helaing (2020)
Narrator: Danny Fakih
Author: Calvin Johnson

Keep Keto Simple: How to Follow a Ketogenic Diet and Still Enjoy Your Favorite Foods (2020)
Narrator: Danny Fakih
Author: Danny Fakih

Create Your Own Financial Freedom (2020)
Narrator: Danny Fakih
Author: Lamont Hendricks

CSCS Study Guide: How to pass the NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Exam (2020)
Narrator: Danny Fakih
Author: Orin Donovan

The Battle for Metagore (2020)
Narrator: Danny Fakih
Author: D.L. Stewart

Bloody Reasons: To Kill A Man Book 1 (2019)
Narrator: Danny Fakih
Author: Stuart G. Yates

5 Ingredients Ketosis Diet Plans (2019)
Narrator: Danny Fakih
Author: Ted Duncan

No Mercy For The Dead (2018)
Narrator: Daniel Adam Fakih
Author: Bruce Savage

G.O.D.S Assassin (2017)
Narrator: Daniel Adam Fakih
Author: Bruce Savage

Russian Games (2016)
Narrator: Daniel Adam Fakih
Author: Bruce Savage

Height: 5'8
Weight: 177 lbs
Jacket: 42 Regular
Waist: 33
Sleeve: 33/34

Character DemoDanny Fakih
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Commercial DemoDanny Fakih
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5 Ingredients DemoDanny Fakih
00:00 / 01:04
Audiobook DemoDanny Fakih
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